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Testimonials on Career Counseling Services

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Testimonials on Career Counseling Services

"I am a young professional in the Washington D.C. area trying to identify the next step in my career path. Before I met Patricia, I spent a lot of time soul searching, but despite arguable progress, I felt stuck and confused. I conducted internet research on career counselors in the area and was intrigued by Patricia’s website and experience.

From our very first session, Patricia cultivated my active and inquisitive participation. She posed stimulating questions for discussion and her questions challenged my deeply held assumptions. Through various career assessments and guided discussions, she helped me explore my skills, interests, values, personal relationships, and past history in order to determine which of my potential career paths seemed most suited to me. It was these discussions that helped me articulate many of the ideas that I was grappling with and they opened my eyes to a whole new realm of possibilities.

Using a holistic, balanced approach to counseling, Patricia willingly took the time to truly get to know me. Whenever possible, she related examples and experiences from her own personal research and successful counseling career. Her constructive feedback on my career assignments combined with her approachable manner and words of encouragement has provided a great support system and has given me the confidence that I have been lacking. Patricia has been an invaluable resource to me as I move forward in my career and it is with the utmost respect that I highly recommend her."

- J.G., client

Resigning from my last position was a complex and difficult decision. I was concerned and uncertain what to do and what to say. Patricia's advice allowed me to proceed with confidence. She brought up issues to consider and suggested talking points/messaging to use that I had not thought of, which were critical during the unhealthy job situation as well as when I shared my decision to leave my position.

I was scared and unsure what to say to my supervisor and other colleagues when I resigned. Patricia's excellent guidance and perspective were exactly what I needed for this precarious situation. I know that I made the right choice and preserved, and even strengthened, professional relationships for future contact.

As a direct result of my sessions with Patricia, I navigated the situation with thought, strategy and grace. Consequently, I am relieved and proud of my decision as well as prepared and excited for the next steps in my career.

- A.S., client

"Patricia is committed to my professional success and growth. I doubt I would have received several promotions without her advice and suggestions on ways to act, respond and advocate for myself at work. When I have a professional challenge, I know I can turn to Patricia for thoughtful and helpful input.

Throughout the job search process as well as through maneuvering in the sometimes challenging professional world, Patricia has been an invaluable resource. She provides advice and suggestions that allow me to better understand and excel in my job. Her keen understanding of workplace dynamics always is helpful as I strive for excellence in my work. I'm always struck by how her perspective leads me to better frames of mind, actions and resolutions of my workplace issues."

- S.G., client

"One of the hardest things about being a working mom (or dad, for that matter), in my view, is finding that so-called 'balance' – the balance between being the parent you want to be and yet feeling personally fulfilled in your career. Before I came to Trisha, I wondered whether it was even remotely possible to have both – to have more time with my daughter (which I desperately wanted), yet have the stimulating career to which I aspired.

After my daughter was born, I resigned myself to stay at a job that, while 'comfortable,' was largely unfulfilling, and looking back on it now, was demotivating and even demoralizing. Yet, I stayed mostly because I didn’t think I could take on another challenge as a new mom and because the position did, after all, afford me certain basic 'flexibilities' to meet my family obligations.

When I came to Trisha, I was at a very low point. During our sessions, Trisha worked with me to help identify my strengths – and, in ways that I didn’t even realize until later – build back up that self-confidence I had lost over the course of the job. To supplement the important work we were doing during our sessions, she pointed me to literature and other key resources that helped me identify some of the underlying issues I was experiencing in being able to effectively assert myself.

Ultimately, it is because of Trisha’s steadfast support and the invaluable guidance she imparted to me – especially with respect to the job negotiation process (and, it is worth underscoring here, that her counsel in this regard is simply unsurpassed) – that I was able to negotiate (and land!) a terrific new job. I have Trisha to thank in very large part for a new position that offers me tremendous personal growth, yet provides for key work schedule flexibilities that enable me to meet my important family priorities."

-K.S., client

"Moving to the D.C. area and wanting a career change at the same time was overwhelming to me. I spent the first half of the year spinning my wheels, applying to any and all types of jobs, only to be met with little or no response. Family and friends offered advice, but my motivation was short-lived and a job was still not in hand. I spent the next several months resigned to the fact that I would continue in my current job; however, my desire to make a change wasn’t as easily swayed.

By the time I met Patricia, I was exhausted and defeated. I wanted to be motivated, but the task just seemed too daunting. At the end of our first session, a clear plan was drawn up as to how we were going to tackle my concerns. No, I didn’t know the job I wanted, or have an offer on the line. But I had focus... and Patricia.

Looking back on all that was accomplished, it’s amazing to see that a change in mindset and career happened so quickly. After each discussion I knew I could take on the goals Patricia and I put into place. We set out to identify my career interests, acknowledge my transferable skills, focus my job search, step outside of my comfort zone, negotiate job offers, and finally to do that wacky dance in my living room when I achieved my goal. I had a new career!

Within only months, I have gained a new position developing curriculum for government agencies. I have also gained the confidence to keep moving forward. Patricia is the momentum that keeps you going. She is the sound pick-me-up that doesn’t allow you to become deflated. She is the sincere and knowing friend that sticks with you from beginning to end, and then some. In all of my searches over the past year, the luckiest of all was finding Patricia."

-L.S., client

"I was lucky to have Patricia recommended to me by another counseling professional. This recommendation led me to a new position, a new level of self-awareness and most importantly, renewed self-confidence.

Patricia is a compassionate and astute listener. By digging deep into what we discussed she readily identified several steps that wouldn’t just find me a good next job, but help me build a structure for my future, beyond the immediate search. She helped me through both personality and interest evaluations and encouraged and supported me as I explored options I had not considered before. She helped me identify and pursue a position that was not just a stop-gap as I 'figured out what to do with the rest of my life.' She helped me find a direction, and show me how to reorient should I need to recalculate my route.

We wrote cover letters, reevaluated my resume, discussed networking strategies, and built confidence. We identified skills, lessons, hopes, expectations, and opportunities to use them. She works with you through anything that might stymie you, from a first read of a job posting to phone interview and beyond.

I had been on and off in my job search for years, never quite escaping the gravity of my then situation. I would work hard at it for a few months and give up feeling a total failure. With Patricia firmly in my corner I found the strength to push through my own insecurities, identify my strengths, and tell everyone why I was a great catch for any position. She is a coach, a cheerleader, and a team player. I will always keep her on my squad."

-K.I., client

"I think that perhaps the politics of the workplace do not come naturally to me. It has been very rewarding, financially as well as personally, to have a professional career counselor like Patricia on my side. She is a good coach with a sympathetic ear. I feel as if I have a personal trainer for my occupational health."

 M.D., client, New York, NY

"Patricia's form of career counseling works on several levels - emotive, intellectual and even spiritual. When contemplating change in your life, it's worth stepping back and looking at the factors that make you who you are, while you're also thinking about who you want to become.

She does this in an integrated way, clearing out the 'cobwebs' that may be hindering your own personal progress and bringing you to a greater understanding of yourself and how your personality and value system can drive the choices you make.

Patricia guides you through the process, but you're really working to understand yourself. She's not telling you what to believe, you're discovering it on your own and to that extent it's much more valuable."

 L.O., client, Smithsonian Institute

"Patricia has given me much good advice over the years. Her methods of analysis are excellent. She accurately assesses what I need, gives practical and effective advice and has a genuine interest in seeing me succeed in reaching my goals. I recommend her to family and friends who are wondering what path to take in life, how to advance in their current position or how to handle people and issues in a work setting. Patricia can give them advice based on current practices in her field and knowledge based on many years of experience.

I am currently an Editor at a major trade association. I am now working with her to accomplish my next set of goals. I have also attended seminars on Networking and Image Improvement, both of which were well worth my time. I always know whom to call if I need career advice. She's a gem."

 G.S., client, Bethesda, MD

“I have recommended Patricia to many of my colleagues and clients over the years. She helped me change my perspective on job hunting and counseled me therapeutically. She provided interest inventory testing to assure that my search efforts and her guidance were on the correct path. She helped me to select interview clothes, quizzed me on interviewing techniques, reviewed the interview after it was over and helped me with negotiation issues related to the job offer. Patricia very competently evaluated my personality type and interests and supported my decision for employment choices.

One could say that a good friend can and would do what Patricia did for me, but she also gave me confidence through her credentials, her professionalism and her actions. She also is a self-esteem coach, so necessary when a person has difficulties around work issues.

Patricia knows people and organizations and can help the newly hired with the challenges of working with a new supervisor and team. To have Patricia in your court helps you stay in the game. I would return to her again and will continue to recommend her to fellow workers.“

– C.C., client, Bethesda, MD

Testimonials on Talks & Workshops

"Inspirational, balanced, effective, very helpful, knowledgeable are but a few words that describe a Career Development workshop given by Patricia Crew at the International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC. The structure and clarity of the workshop was much appreciated by the participants as well as her easy style and effective communication skills."

– P. Haskell, MA, NCC, Career Counseling Services, Washington, DC

“With humor and lots of energy, Patricia helped us identify the invisible barriers to career success and discover how to address the internal/ psychological hurdles.” She advised us how to take control of our own issues and our careers.
We examined internal barriers such as negative thinking and self doubt that hold us back from achieving our dreams and learned that it is never too late to change careers and realize our potential.
I learned that I can make changes in my thinking and my actions. Listening to Patricia and the other participants inspired me to keep working toward my goals. The Workshop helped me to reaffirm my self-worth and gave me confidence to step out of my comfort zone and take risks.
Patricia is an excellent presenter and career counselor; and she has a gift to share with other women who could benefit from a boost in their careers.”

– S. Horst, Faith-Based Manager, Fannie Mae

"Patricia offers comprehensive and energizing career counseling presentations. She draws incisive pictures from clinical, corporate and educational perspectives. Truly enlightening."

 F. McAneny, LCSW-C, CEAP,
Potomac Employee Assistance Program Organization

“Engaging and inspirational; well organized, informative and energetic presentation.”

”After recently attending the workshop, I was very encouraged to take the next steps toward a better career path.”

 Montgomery County Women’s Fair

Ms. Crew was an engaging speaker who provided us with excellent information about career counseling issues and cogent advice about how to effectively manage the challenges associated with seeking career counseling appropriate to our needs. She spoke and answered questions for almost two hours, and when she had finished, we were still ready for more - which is saying a great deal.

We were particularly impressed with her professional presentation, her in-depth knowledge, and her ability to provide answers to difficult questions in a friendly, forthright and nonjudgmental manner. She made us feel good about coming and infused enthusiasm about the topic in even the greatest careerphobes present.

We came concerned. We left empowered.

- W. Morgan, Strategic Health Communication Consultant

Success Stories

Amy's Story
Amy made a career change from high-level management in corporate America to become a successful entrepreneur after career counseling with me. In my opinion, Amy has become the go-to person for sales training and consultation for individuals of all levels. In her own words Amy explains her experience and current business.

"When I left my job as VP of Sales, responsible for $50 million in annual revenue, I did not know what I wanted to do next. I thought that would mean a new job at a different company. Through my career counseling sessions with Trisha, I discovered that what truly intrigued me was the prospect of building a business of my own. Trisha's questioning style and direct no-nonsense approach helped me to see goals and desires that I didn't even know I had!
Since then, I launched Blue Sky Coaching & Consulting, a successful sales and leadership consulting firm that specializes in helping companies achieve revenue growth during tough times. I love working with women business owners and executives who are not comfortable with selling and are looking to create their own "style"!

Thanks Trisha for helping me pursue the right path!

Christina's Story
When I came to Patricia, I was uncertain about how to move forward in my career. I wanted to go back to school but I was unsure what to study or if it was even possible to do it with my current job situation. Patricia took the time to listen to me and evaluate my situation carefully. After each session, I saw my confidence grow as Patricia helped me to realize my many talents that I had forgotten I had.

Before I went to Patricia, I lacked the confidence to even pursue career opportunities that would allow me to go back to college. Patricia with her counseling opened up my mind to the possibilities of other jobs that I could pursue while at the same time going to school.

I began to seek out opportunities and within a couple of months I had found a full-time job that would enable me to work and go to school at the same time. I start this new job with newfound determination and really believe that I made the right decision!

I could not have made this major transition in my life without the invaluable assistance of Patricia. She truly is good at what she does and I recommend her highly to others who need advice on career choices.