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Career Crossroads

He tries to explain the pain
but like attempting to describe
grey skies and rain

his words fall short of their goal
and hit the ground with an
empty sound

She listens, reflects
and helps direct

the session beyond raw hurt

Together they move
toward solution;

counseling is a quiet revolution

Author Unknown

Career counseling encompasses people of different ages and at varying stages in their career development. Often social, economic, emotional and familial issues accompany career transitions. These personal issues can be successfully addressed through a holistic, comprehensive career counseling process. Have you ever faced any of these dilemmas?

I don't know what I want to do. I feel unfocused and lacking in direction. Typically, people who say this, feel they are at a loss to determine a next step. Whether you are an experienced professional, a seasoned manager, a recent college grad or returning to the workforce, career counseling can assist you to become more self-aware and integrate this new information into a successful career exploration.

How do I best position my skills and experience when presenting myself on paper and in person to potential employers? Whether it’s been one year or twenty years since your last job hunt, career counseling can help you to focus on the elements of your experience that will be most attractive to employers.

I’m completely overwhelmed and discouraged by my job hunt. No matter how long you have been in the market for a new job, there are still avenues to be explored. New techniques, assistance with networking, support, encouragement and utilization of the Internet are just a few of the benefits that career counseling can provide to you in this tumultuous time.

I'm unhappy in my job but I don't know whether it's the job, the career or the employer. Being in the middle of an overwhelming work situation, it is difficult to step back and get perspective. Career counseling can help to successfully identify the components of your dilemma and implement a solution.

I hate my job and want to make a career change. I have some ideas about what I might like to do but I am unsure about how to get started. Transitioning between careers is seldom easy. A thorough and insightful self-assessment and a productive career exploration are key components to a successful career change. Career counseling can address strategies and techniques to help you move forward.

I think I may need additional education to move to the next stage of my career but I am uncertain of where to turn. Continuing education is a necessity in everyone's work life in our society. Education is one of the keys to advancement and upward mobility. One critical step in career counseling is to execute a gap analysis of relevant skills and experience in terms of your career goals. Career counseling can help to address the most relevant, effective and quickest ways to get hands-on skills and knowledge to move forward or enter a new field.

Through the years I have watched my colleagues get promoted but I have not been able to advance. It's often difficult for people to distinguish themselves from their colleagues and build a positive, professional image. Career counseling can help you to learn effective strategies to gain an advantage at work, build a strategic plan to improve your advancement potential and identify proactive steps to take to enhance your worth at work.

With a recent merger and reorganization at my organization, I’m afraid I will not be able to adjust and maintain employment. It is normal to feel afraid and overwhelmed in the midst of a major change and a new organizational structure. Career counseling can help you to recognize your core skills and value whether for this new organization or a different one.