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Have you forgotten who you really are or might become?

Are your true aspirations hidden beneath today's multiple demands, the goals of others or the needs of the organization?

Have you lost sight or hope of achieving your career goals?

Are you confused about what career direction to take next?

Do you find that you are overwhelmed with all your options?

Studies show that the average person spends more time working than anything else except sleeping. In our society, work is a major source of status, identity and gratification whether you are employed inside or outside of the home, volunteering, studying or searching for a change. Career counseling addresses the role of work in our lives and helps individuals to deal with challenges they face in their careers.1

With over 30 years of experience in career counseling, Patricia has a vast working knowledge of professional and managerial, local and national job opportunities. She has worked with clients from all levels of government and private sector industries and from diverse racial and cultural backgrounds.

Join Patricia to experience a holistic approach to career counseling that addresses various aspects of your personal life which impact your career choices.

Through her Comprehensive Career Counseling approach, Patricia can help you to:

~ Gain a clear understanding of your core strengths.
~ Explore your aptitudes, interests, values, personality traits and skills.
~ Engage in standardized career testing for direction and clarity.

~ Broaden your options by executing a thorough career exploration.
~ Manage a career change.
~ Learn to write effective resumes.
~ Develop competence in networking and interviewing.
~ Improve your work performance.
~ Remove artificial, organizational barriers to success.
~ Navigate thorny management issues.
~ Prevent derailment by building strategic alliances.

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1 Seligman, Linda. Developmental Career Counseling and Assessment. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 1994: p.26.